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How to Choose a Microphone: "Capacitor Microphone" is Different from "Dynamic Microphone"

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In a singer's performance, the microphone is an important tool for accurate performance, and the principle of sound emitted by the microphone varies depending on the type. This article will introduce common "capacitive microphone" and "dynamic microphone" for you.

The sensitive reception properties of a condenser microphone make it easy to capture more sound details, making it suitable for use in soundproof recording rooms. When sound waves pass into the microphone, they vibrate the two parallel metal plates in front of the microphone. At this time, the tempered plastic vibrating film will vibrate with the sound waves, but the metal plates behind will be fixed. The capacitance formed by the distance between the two will be converted into different signals and generate sound due to the voltage difference generated by the vibration. The difference between condenser microphones and other microphones is that they need to be powered on, and phantom power supply is often seen on some recording interfaces.

Dynamic microphones are different from highly sensitive capacitive microphones. Dynamic microphones do not require additional power supply, so they have low sensitivity and are less likely to receive subtle audio signals, making them suitable for singing in public venues. The diaphragm of a dynamic microphone receives sound waves and vibrates the diaphragm, causing the coil wrapped around the magnet to vibrate back and forth. After the magnetic field changes, a current signal is generated and transmitted.

Dynamic Microphone

Each microphone of different models has a different listening range and sensitivity. This listening range is called the "directionality" of the microphone, and microphones with different directionality may have different uses, which can be selected and used by singers or musicians in different venues.

After reading the above text introduction, do you have a preliminary understanding of how to choose a microphone?